17.- Fort Lauderdale, Laser tag


In west Fort Lauderdale, just 10 km from my school, is Laser Quest, a wonderful activity. Each person gets a vest with a target on the front, back and shoulders, plus 3 targets (front, and both sides) of the shooting device (they don't call it a gun). A computer tracks your "tags" (shots) and records your hits, so you know if you are an accurate shooter. For example, if you shoot 800 times and tag someone 80 times, you have 10 percent accuracy and you get 100 bonus points. You get 10 points for each hit you make. The happy people in the photograph are some of my students (Hello, Laurence, Jonas, etc.) and my colleagues (Hi, Cary and Krista!). The cost is $6 for a 15-minute game and we usually play three games (sometimes there is a discount, with three games costing $14). The tax is included. The address is 2101 N. University Drive, (954) 747-1474, and please contact me, because I'd like to be there to play with you and be your target!

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