4.- Fort Lauderdale, Beach wall


This is a view of the wall without people and showing no shower pole. If you turn around, you will find a white pole with two faucets, one for a shower and one for washing your feet. In the distance is a volleyball area, basketball and a "parcourse" for exercise. It was designed by the heart association to keep people healthy. This photo was taken near to the site of the first Fort Lauderdale, built in 1838 to protect the soldiers from natives. The first white settlers came from the Bahamas (about 90 miles to the east) and the area joined the United States as a territory when Florida was purchased from Spain for $5 million in 1821. There was a massacre in January 6, 1836 (six people were killed, including William Colley, the local justice of the peace, who apparently freed several white men who had killed an old chief) to "pay back" for an Indian's death. Major William Lauderdale arrived in March 1838 build the first of three forts.

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