14/30.- Approaching Virgin Islands


Next port of call is ready and waiting. Sweet and innocent, The Virgin Islands (both U.S. and British) were named by Christopher Columbus. What a religious zealot he must have been basing the name on the beauty of the legendary St. Ursula and her 11,000 virgins. These picturesque islands, reminiscent of Scotland without the fog and rain, once attracted the Renaissance hooligans, commonly referred to as pirates. From characters such as Blackbeard to Francis Drake, this area was buzzing with booty, "fair fights". One can only imagine the bedlam as different nations with their different languages all bustled about trying to outdo the other. During the ensuing two hundred years the English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Danish all scuffled for control of the islands. In the end, the English won Tortola and Virgin Gorda.

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