11.- Old boat


You can see the bridge in the background. During the rainy season, the area gets flooded. The boat owner is evidently repairing his boat and waiting for higher water. There's a large dam farther up the river so the bridge is not likely to get washed out during the rainy season.

If you go there, please contact me and I will arrange for Vinicius to meet with you and give you a hearty Brazilian welcome! A note about Feira de Santana (about an hour by car from São Felix): I taught workshops for teachers of English in Feira de Santana, where Vinicius and Miriam have two schools. That city has about 500,000 people. There isn't much to do in Feira de Santana, so the locals drive over to visit Cachoeira. There are many places in Brazil with large populations that North Americans know nothing about.

The future of Cachoeira could be as a bedroom community (in the UK we say "dormitory town") and suburb of Salvador. It will explode once the roads are improved. Anyone visiting Boca Raton and Miami will see a comparison to Cachoeira and Salvador.

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Thanks for visiting Felix and Cach with me!

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