16/46.- Salvador da Bahia, Nossa Senora do Rosario dos Pretos


Walking downhill Largo do Pelourinho, on the right hand side, there is the Nossa Senora do Rosario dos Pretos Church, with its blue and white facade. In the background you can see other churches and colonial houses.

Nossa Senora do Rosario dos Pretos (in the picture) is dedicated to Our Lady of the Blacks. The church was built in the 18th century by African slaves. One of the highlights of this church is the painting of the Passion with a black Christ.

Opposite the Church of Rosario is a square known as Reggae Square, where you will find a number of bars that play Reggae music by night. Rastafarianism is quite popular in Salvador. During your visit you will see many locals with dreadlocks.

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