11/46.- Salvador da Bahia, Terreiro de Jesus


You should be aware that anything you carry in the streets of Salvador may attract the attention of thieves. Thefts are rare, very rare, but they do happen. You just have to take all measures in order not to attract the attention of potential thieves. If you do get robbed, you should never react violently, and always give everything.

Leave your valuables in your hotel safe box. Passport, money, credit cards, cameras and phones should not come with you during your visits. The money you think you will spend during the day should not be in a pocket easily accessible by pickpockets.

If you want to take pictures, you can buy a disposable camera in one of the photo shops. If you have a small digital camera, you can also bring it. Bigger cameras may be a problem, but if you are careful you may bring them.

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