4/29.- Praia da Pipa, Praia do Madeiro, surfing


Another option to get to Praia do Madeiro is getting on one of the public buses that go to Goianinha. There are no bus stops in town, if you see a public bus, just make a sign, and it will stop. Once on the bus tell the boy, you are going to Praia do Madeiro, and he will tell you when you have to get off. To get back to the town, you can wait on the road, and stop the bus (I was told there is a bus every 15 minutes, but I never had to wait more than 5 minutes).

Another option to get to Madeiro Beach is by taxi. On Praia de Pipa's main avenue you will find a taxi rank, close to the town's end. On the road to Praia de Pipa you will easily find taxis too.

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