4/28.- Aruba, Boat wreck


There's a walkway connecting the hotels in the high-rise section, and in the evening it's a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll before and after dinner. Interesting sights appear around each corner mingling with the shrieks of laughter of happy tourists, and the calypso and tumba bands. Eating out is not exactly moderately priced. Expect to be charged 15% extra on your bill in some restaurants, and then to pay another 15% extra for a tip. If you're staying in a timeshare, then you'll have the opportunity of preparing your own meals in the kitchen. Slight problem is that the supermarkets located close by don't offer too much. Your best bet is to take the local bus, or hire a car, and travel into Oranjestad, the capital, where there are really good supermarkets.

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