10/50.- Red Sea, snorkeling, turtle


In this picture you can see another of the fantastic creatures that inhabit the Red Sea: the sea turtle. Their bodies are perfectly adapted to underwater life.

Sea turtles are born on the beach. The temperature of the nest determines the gender of the emerging hatchlings. On a cool night all of the young dash instinctively toward the brightest horizon, the one where the ocean reflects the moon. Adult male sea turtles will never leave the sea, but adult females must return every two to four years, usually to the same area where they themselves hatched, in order to lay eggs.

Sea turtles have completed this process millions of times during more than 180 million years, but it is possible that this will be their last century among us. Their biggest predator is the human being. Humans steal their eggs, destroy their beaches, kill the females on the beach and capture the adult turtles in the sea. Although since 1972 it is illegal to bring a sea turtle, or anything made from it, into most of the Western nations, if further actions are not taken sea turtles will soon become extinct.

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