9/50.- Red Sea, snorkeling, lionfish


In this photo you can see one of the most dangerous fishes in the Red Sea: the Lionfish (pterois radiata). The red vertical strips are nothing else than warnings signals. They are saying do not touch me. If you ever see a fish similar to this one anywhere in the world, do not get close to it, their spines are extremely poisonous (in some cases even mortal).

Lionfish use their venom for defense only, never to get food. If a diver accidentally steps on them, the effect is immediate: the victim is unable to move his or her arms or legs due to the swelling. Other symptoms include nausea, breathing problems, paralysis, delirium, convulsions and great pain. Although it may take several months, most people do recover from a Lionfish sting.

Lionfish inhabit coral reefs, especially shallow water areas, and are among the most beautiful coral reef fish found.

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