1/26.- Pyramids tour, Gizah, the sphinx


Hi, welcome to the pyramids tour! As you probably know, this is the only seven wonder of the ancient times that remains today. They have stayed here for more than 4500 years, and I am sure they will be here for some thousand years more.

Something that probably will surprise you, is that the pyramids are not, as I expected, lost in the middle of the desert, but in the outskirts of the city of Cairo. They are in a Gizah, the name of the neighborhood on the other side of the Nile river.

In the photo you can see the famous sphinx and the Kefren pyramid. This pyramid is the second tallest. The tallest one is Kheops (actually only 2 meters higher).

If you want to learn more about the pyramids and see some photos, just follow the arrows. I hope you will enjoy this Photographic Tour ...

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