8/26.- Pyramids tour, Gizah, Kheops front view


Now that you know what the pyramids look like, I will explain you how to get here. As I told you before the pyramids are in the city of Cairo. You can see them from many tall buildings in the city. From the center of Cairo it takes only fifteen minutes to get here.

The best way to get here is by taxi. You can pay a one way ride or you can ask the taxi driver to wait for you. Taxi prices are so low in this city that this is a cheap option. You can also get here by local bus, but it is not an option I can recommend. A great option is to buy a pyramids tour in your hotel (or in one of the cheap hotels in the center of Cairo). These tours usually visit Gizah then go to Saqqara (which we will visit later) and finally go to Memphis.

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