1/37- Welcome to Ngorongoro!


In 1991 I joined a group of travelers on a fascinating trip in East Africa. These photos will focus on the wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater, but let's start with some views of some inhabitants of Tanzania. This Maasai woman is wearing beaded earrings and necklace of the same quality that an American housewife might wear at home. The hole at the top of her ear was probably made during her eighth year, as is customary. Ceremonial beaded earrings and neckwear are much more complex in color, pattern and size. She is also holding large beaded circles, perhaps necklaces or collars, for sale. Although we made a deal that I would pay her 3 KS. (Kenyan shillings) 6 p.(pence) to take her picture, afterward she pesters me for additional payment, there apparently having been no commitment to a deal in Maasai terms. I gave her a new cherry-flavored Blistik lip balm that seemed to be adequate additional compensation.

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