18/24.- Meknes, shop in El-Hdim


Some of the monuments in Meknes you should not miss are the Dar Jamai Palace, that today it hosts the Moroccan folklore museum; the Nejjarin Mosque, the oldest mosque in Meknes, from the 10th century; and the Dar el Beida Palace, from the 18th century.

Do not skip either Meknes' monumental gates: Bab Berdain, gate of the upholsterers from the 17th century; Bab Tizim; Bab el Khemis, 17th century; Bab er Rih, that leads to the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail; and Bab Ei Mansour, from the 18th century, where court hearings were held and the heads of the sentenced were hanged.

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