6/24.- Meknes, Souqs in the Medina


Although much smaller than its counterparts in Marrakech and Fez, the old medina of Meknes, where the souqs are, is something you should not miss. Because of its labyrinthine design, it is almost impossible to find your way around. The best you can do is get in, follow the crowds, and when you have enough of it, ask someone for the gate to El-Hdim Square.

The offer of souvenirs is not as wide as in Fez or Marrakech either, but you can find some good bargains in Meknes. Negotiating with vendors is much easier here than in Marrakech, and sellers are much nicer. Meknes was one of my favorite towns in Morocco for buying souvenirs. You can find tapestries, silver and copper goods, lamps, pillows and an almost endless list of craftsmanship.

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