5/47.- Marrakech, Mosque in the Medina


Most of the cheap accommodation in Marrakech is in the Medina. Some of the most exclusive hotels are also in the old Marrakech -- actually the most expensive of them all is close to the ramparts, inside the Medina.

If you are looking for a more varied accommodation offer, head to the New Marrakech. There are all kinds of places to stay: cheap pensions, nice hotels, rooms for rent, self catering apartments, and last but not least, Riads. Riads are old palaces and ancient houses completely refurbished in order to accommodate tourists. A nice Riad is the place I will choose to stay if I ever come back to Marrakech.

There are Riads in and outside the Medina. The most authentic seem to be inside the city walls. Prices are not higher than an equivalent hotel. Riads are so cool!!

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