3/47.- Marrakech, Jema El Fna


Although there are a couple of things to visit outside the city walls, almost all the tourist sites are in the Medina (Medina is the name given to the old towns in North Africa to refer to the old center part of a city).

In order to visit the city of Marrakech I recommend taking a look at a map of the town first. In the city map you will see there are three major points of interest in the Medina: The Jema El Fna Square, the Ben Youssef madrasa (North of the square) and the El Bahia palace (South of the square). Close to the Ben Youssef and the Bahia Palace there are other interesting attractions. Once you know, approximately, what the city looks like, forget about the map. Go to the Medina, and try to find the places by yourself. I am sure you will get lost, but do not worry, this is the way it goes.

You can get free maps and brochures with local information at the local tourist offices located in Abdelmoumen Ben Ali Square and in 176, avenue Mohammed V, in the New City. This office closes on Sundays.

In the picture you can see one of the attractions in the Jema El Fna Square, a local snake charmer.

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