17/25.- Fez, Medina, Tanneries


One of the highlights of Fez is a visit to the Tanneries. To find this place you can either follow one of the unofficial guides, and pay him some dirhams; or keep asking the vendors in the shops of the medina. We chose the easy way, and followed one of the kids in the street who offered his services.

The good thing of the tanneries in Fez is that you have an excellent view of the dying pits from the terraces of the adjoining shops. A friendly -- I would say too friendly, maybe he was stoned -- shop vendor showed us the place and explained us some interesting facts about this process. They use pigeon excrements in the pits, so the area can be stinky. Once the explanations are done, the vendor will take you into his shop, and offer his goods. If you do not buy anything, you have to give him a tip.

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