14/25.- Fez, Medina, view from Dar Batha


With this picture you can have an idea of what the old medina of Fez looks like.

The offer of places to eat in Fez is not very varied. You do have some good restaurants, though. They are close to the city ramparts. In the center of the medina you also have some tourist restaurants. Waiters can be sometimes a little bit too aggressive offering their services there, though. At peak hour waiters from neighboring restaurants will try to steal each other the clients. In a given restaurant, I was offered a menu with a fixed price for a dinner, when I said "No thank you", I was shown a second menu with a lower price. A third menu was shown when I rejected the offer.

Unfortunately I have to say that I was ripped off in one of the restaurants in Fez. We were offered a price for the dinner well bellow the printed price. We ate our dishes, and when the bill came, we were charged the price on the menu. We told the waiter we wanted to pay the discounted price he offered us, but he got upset and said he had not said anything about a lower menu price (liar!). After a long negotiation, we finally gave up, and gave him all the money. The dinner was still a good deal, but we left with a sour feeling. The next day we went to an excellent restaurant with an open air terrace.

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