4/25.- Fez, The Medina, copper workshop


The variety of things for sale in Fez' streets will surprise you. The Medina is huge, and each and every street is full of workshops and shops. They sell all kind of things. Although some of them offer goods for the tourists, most of the shops' clients are local people.

In the picture you can see a local artisan working on copper plates. Fez is famous in Morocco for its craftsmanship.

Some of the monuments you should not miss in Fez are its mosques and medersas. Some of the most famous are: the Qaraouiyyine, a mosque and university founded by a Tunisian woman in the 9th century; the Attarin Medersa, great sample of local architecture with nice views from its roof; and last, but definitely no least, the Medersa Bou Inania, next to Bab Boujeloud Gate.

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