2/4.- Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque, detail


The most sensible thing to do if your plane to Morocco is arriving at Casablanca's International Airport is taking the first train or bus to the North (Rabat, Meknes or Fez) or to the South (Marrakech, Agadir or Essaouira). Casablanca is very well communicated with the rest of the country. Trains in Morocco run on time, are clean and safe. There is also a former public bus company (CTM) that runs bus services to the major destinations in Morocco. Its air conditioned buses are clean and reliable. The only transport problem in Casablanca you may have is with local taxis. They always will try to charge you a very special rate if they see you are a tourist -- by the way, do not ever ask a cab driver in Casablanca for a hotel. Look in your travel guide for a hotel instead, and tell the taxi driver to take you to an address close by. Otherwise the driver will tell you the mentioned hotel is full, and bring you to one he know is not full (and where he will get a commission).

If you are going to spend one day in Casablanca, you do have to go to the Hassan II Mosque. Although this is a modern monument, and some say somewhat tasteless, it is still Casablanca's main tourist attraction.

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