37/50.- Luxor, Valley of the Queens, inside a tomb, paintings


Usually after you visit the Valley of the Kings, your guide will take you to the Valley of the Queens. The bus will take you to the parking lot, where you can take a special bus that will take you to the entrance.

There are between 75 and 80 tombs in this valley, known also as Biban al-Harim. The tombs belong to queens of the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties. The most interesting of them is the tomb of Nefertari (tomb 66). Nefertari was the most beautiful wife of Ramses II. And her tomb is not only the most beautiful tomb in the Valley of the Queens, but of all Egypt. Its visit is also the most expensive, of course. If you want to visit it, you better come here early, because only 150 tickets are sold everyday to visit this very special tomb. Unfortunately I didn't visit it, so I cannot give you my personal opinion, but I am sure it is well worth its price.

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