34/50.- Luxor, Valley of the Kings, tomb


You can see here one of the tombs. What you see here is not the original entrance. The entrances used to be buried under the rocks. It was almost impossible to find them!

The construction of one of these tombs used to last six years. Engineers began the project with the coronation of a new king. A strange way to welcome someone, don't you think?

In this valley there are more than 60 tombs. With the entrance ticket you can visit three of them. If you want to visit more than three tombs, you have to buy two tickets. In my opinion this is not necessary, because all tombs look very similar: three corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber.

There is only one exception, the tomb of Tuthankhamun. This one is not much different than the other ones, but its history is more charming. It was discovered in 1922 almost untouched. If you want to see the treasuries found in it, you will have to go to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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