25/50.- Luxor, Karnak Temple, Amonet statue


Behind the fifth pylon (a work of Tutmosis I) and the sixth one (a work of Tuthmosis II) there are two tall pink columns with the symbols of Egypt: the iris flower (High Egypt) and the lotus flower (Down Egypt). Close to this two columns there are two big sculptures of Amon and his companion Amonet. You can see the Amonet statue in the photo. The other one is the photo you saw at the beginning of this Photographic Tour of Luxor.

Amon was Egypt's main god, to this god was dedicated this temple and the city of Thebes itself. The Egyptian name of Thebes comes from this god: Nowe, or Nuwe (“city of Amon”). During the 11th dynasty (2081–1939 BC), when the local monarchs united Egypt under their rule, Thebes served as the royal capital of Egypt. Even after the 12th dynasty, when the court was moved to Memphis, the kings built temples in Thebes to honor Amon.

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