13/50.- Luxor, Karnak Temple, sphinxes avenue


We are now in front of the Karnak Temple entrance. This temple is in the city of Karnak, a few miles from Luxor. Most probably you will come here with your tour guide. If you want to come by your own, you can take a taxi, walk, rent a horse car (hantour), ride a bike or take the local bus.

I came here by bus. To get one of these mini vans, you have to go to the Luxor train station or to the bus station in front of the Emilio's Hotel. When a mini van passes by, you have to shout: "Karnak!", if the bus goes to Karnak the driver will stop. The bus goes to the city of Karnak, but if you ask the driver, he will stop close to the temple. This is the cheapest, and the most interesting, ways to get here. To get back to Luxor you have to go to the place where the bus stopped.

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