9/50.- Luxor, Luxor Temple, sex in the temple?


The main purpose of the Luxor Temple was to witness the transformation of the pharaoh into a divine being. Initially, during the 18th dynasty (1550-1319), the Opet festivals lasted eleven days, but a a few centuries later, during the 20th dynasty, the festivals lasted more than 27 days. A procession of images traveled from Karnak (first on the road, and later on boats) to the Luxor Temple. Locals could ask favors to these divine images during the trip. In the temple crowds witnessed how the pharaoh's Ka (his divine essence) and the pharaoh itself were merged.

Currently a similar festival takes place, the "Feast of the Muslim Holy Man Sheikh Yusuf al-Haggag", whose boat is carried about Luxor amid popular celebration.

I am not sure of the meaning of the relief in the photo, but I think it has something to do with the pharaoh's divine "powers" ...

We will end the visit to this temple here. We will now visit the city of Luxor and later we will take a look at the other big temple in town: Karnak ...

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