2/50.- Luxor, Luxor Temple


We will start our Luxor virtual tour in the temple of Luxor. This temple is in downtown Luxor. If you stay in a hotel in the city center, you can get here on foot. If you stay in one of the boats that goes from here to Aswan, you get here strolling along Av. Corniche.

The Temple of Luxor was built over the rests of a former sanctuary dedicated to Amon, king of the gods, his consort Mut, and their son Khons. Amenophis III dedicated the new temple to Amon (one of the creation gods). This temple respected parts of the original one constructed 100 years earlier by Thuthmosis III and Hatshetsup.

Formerly, a Sphinx Avenue linked this temple with the other big temple in Luxor: the Karnak Temple. Currently only a few of these statutes remain.

Let's visit the temple ...

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