7/50.- Cairo, khan el Khalili, people


A visit to Khan al Khalili is almost compulsory in Cairo. But you will need a lot of patience. You won't be able to walk more then three steps without being stopped by a seller. Some will invite you to tea, others will invite you to their hidden shop, where you can find very "special" low prices. You should know there's no obligation to buy. If you do not want anything, just say no. It doesn't matter how long you have been in a shop, or if you have been invited to tea. You should only buy what you need.

My experience says the best way to say no, is to say you don't like it. Any other excuse will be a waste of time. If you say it is too small, they will find a bigger one. If you say it it's too colorful they will find the appropriate one. If you say it is too expensive, they will understand you are interested, but you want to keep negotiating.

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