6/50.- Cairo, khan el Khalili, souvenirs shop


In Khan al Khalili you will find all sort of souvenirs. The most typical are: the colorful spices, the Egyptian sculptures, the gold and silver jewelry, the papyrus, the "unique" perfumes and the T-shirts.

Sellers will try all kind of tactics to draw your attention. First they will try to know where you are from. Then they will say something in your own language -- It seems they know at least one sentence in every language spoken in the world!

Sellers will always give you a "special" price. If it is early in the morning they will say you are the first customer, and a deal with you will bring them luck. If it is late in the afternoon, they will say you are the last customer, and you should buy them something because a last customer's sale will bring happiness to his family and/or prosperity to his business.

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