16/43.- Aswan, boat


Here you can see a local fisherman reading a newspaper. Some of the fishermen use their boats to transport tourists from the islands to mainland, or from one island to the other. It is not easy to deal with them though. Some of them do not speak English. And don't think it is easier to deal with the ones that do speak English. They always want more, more and more money.

When I was on the Elephantine island I tried to find a boat to cross the strait to the other big island in Aswan, the Kitchner's island, but I was not very successful. There should be a ferry, but I could not find it. When I found a boat, I had to decline the owner's offer. Too much money to cross a few yards of water. I guess they think all tourists are millionaires. Maybe they are right, because if we compare our salaries with theirs, we are millionaires (in Egyptian piastras, at least).

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