11/43.- Aswan, Nubian village


There used to be a bridge from mainland to Elephantine island a long time ago, but it is not here anymore. So unless you can fly, there are only two ways to get here: on a ferry or on a falluca. The ferry, of course, is the cheapest one, but you will usually have to pay the double a local pays (you are a "rich" tourist, after all).

The origin of the name of the island is still a mystery. First it was called Khnum (khnemu), but since the Greek times it is known as the Elephantine island. And there have never been elephants here! Some historians say it is because there used to be an elephant market here; others say it is because there are large boulders in the river near the island which resembled bathing elephants.

The island is also famous for its Nubian villages. Nubians are the ancient inhabitants of this region.

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