7/41.- Alexandria, tramway


In the photo you can see one of the famous tramways in Alexandria. There are two kinds of tramways: the yellow ones and the blue ones. The yellow tramways go in the direction of the West (nr 14 goes to Masr Station and nr 15 passes by Abu al-Abbas Mursi mosques, the Qaitbey an Ras at-Tin). The blue tramways go in the direction of the East (nr 1 and 2 go to Montazah, 3 and 7 to Sidi Gaber and nr 5 and 8 to San Stefano).

There is one thing you should not forget, the first car is usually women only. Before you get in, make sure this is the right car. Women travelers can travel in both (if they go alone, the first one is recommended). Men, obviously, can only travel in the mixed one.

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