5/41.- Alexandria, horse chart


To visit the city of Alexandria you can rent one of these charts. Moving around Alexandria is not easy for foreigners. Driving in Alexandria is not recommended, unless you are used to driving here and have an international driving license. In Alexandria there are public buses and tramways available, but they are crowded and unreliable. It is not easy to find the monuments and tourist sites, because there are no indications and most locals do not speak English. That is why I can only recommend taxis.

Alexandria has a mild weather. Summers are hot and dry, with temperatures between 20 and 36 Celsius (70-95 F). Springs and falls are mild, temperatures are between 10 and 28 Celsius (50-82 F), but sand storms are most likely to happen. Winters are mild with temperatures between 9 and 20 Celsius (48-70 F).

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