1/36.- Welcome to Abu Simbel (Egypt)!


Hello, welcome to Abu Simbel! The Temple of Re-Harakhte is one of the most impressive temples in Egypt; and in the world, probably. This temple was dug on the Western mountain range in 1290-1224 BC in Abu Simbel, and was dedicated to the triad Amon-Ra, Ptah and Ra-Harakhte, by Ramses II.

Next to this temple is the so-called Small Temple of Abu Simbel: the Temple of Hathor, dedicated to Hathor (the wife of the Sun God) and to Ramses II 's favorite wife: Queen Nefertari.

These two temples would have disappeared for ever under the waters of the Nasser Lake if the UNESCO had not acted. I don't know what impressed me more, the temples themselves or the fact that they were moved. If you complete this Photographic Tour, I will show you some of the most beautiful sights of these two temples and give you some information about its history and some other useful tips.

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