39/50.- Viseu de Sus, "mocanita"


To see it, take pictures or take a ride in "Mocanita" you have to get up early and be in Viseu de Sus around eight a. m. The narrow-gauge steam railway which runs 56 kms up the Vasser Valley in Maramures is a fine example of a working forest railway. Viseu de Sus narrow gauge is the only forestry line still working in Romania, and "mocanita" is the only steam locomotive in the world still in operation. The locomotives are used daily for both passenger and log trains.

The timber factories and sawmills located in the area depend on the wood that steam locomotives transport on this line.

The daily train, which runs Monday through Friday, is the only access to settlements up the valley, other than on foot. During the relaxing journey, you can enjoy the views of woodland and rushing rivers. During stops, you can watch activities such as loading firewood on the locomotive and taking on water from clear mountain streams. On the trip back in the evening, the engine driver whistles for brakemen to stop the train - sometimes for passengers, even to pick up mushrooms or berries. The whole trip lasts from 8a. m to 5p. m. but be prepared for delays as minor incidents may occur along the road which can be fun if you possess the spirit of adventure.

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