41/43.- Prague,the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ


Here you can see a picture of the largest clock in Prague (and the biggest one I’ve ever seen). It is the Clock on the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in Podebrady Square. It was designed by Jozef Plecnik, a Slovenian architech, who also made a lot of renovations in Hradcany.

I wanted to show you a photo of this district, because I stayed in a room not far from here. The thing is that if you travel with a limited budget, a great option is to stay in a private house. Yes, if you don’t have a place to stay, you just have to wait for someone to offer you one at the train station. Hotel prices are not high, but you can always sleep for less in a private house. I slept in a room with a TV set, radio and my own bath for a few crowns, the owner of the house was a nice old lady. Of course, it’s not like sleeping in a five star hotel, but it was a pleasant adventure.

From this same Square, there’s a nice view of Prague’s Telecommunications Antenna ...

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