12/43.- Prague, street market


In this photo you can see some typical Prague houses and a street market.

Czech is a rather complicated language, unless you speak Russian (Czech is a Slavic language). Learning Czech is specially difficult because it has three genders (masculine, feminine and neutral) and seven declinations, but learning some words will make your life easier if you ever come to the Czech Republic. For instance, "namesti" means "square", "hrad" = "castle", "nadrazi" = "station" (railway, bus, etc), "stanice" = "stop" (tram, bus), "kostel" = "church", "most" = "bridge", "Nové Mésto" = "New Town", "Stare mesto" = "old Town", "radnice" = "Town Hall". Not easy, I know!

Now we’ll go to the 'Novomestská radnice' in 'Karlovo Namestí'. I don’t need to translate that, or do I?

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