32/50.- Paris, Forum des Halles


Eight hundred years ago, this was Paris' central market. Before 1500 one could find business of all types. In the 15th century it specialized in food. The market grew with the city of Paris, causing many logistic problems. For this reason, in 1969, the food market was moved outside the town center - close to the Orly Airport. For several years, the place was known as 'le trou des Halles' (=hole of the Halles). Another famous nickname for this area was "Le ventre de Paris" (Paris stomach) as Paris life was drumming according to this market. It was made famous by Emile Zola in his book: "Le ventre de Paris".
Recently the empty space was filled with a great park on the surface, an underground mall and a huge metro station - the 'Châtelet-les-Halles' station.

Close to this center sits the second biggest church in Paris: the Church of Saint Eustace.

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