The photo was taken in the 'Place de la Defense'. In this panorama you will see some of the most impressive buildings in this quarter. The first building is the 'Grande Arche', to its right the elliptical "Sofitel -C.N.I.T." Building. The dark one is the Framatom, to its right the Loraine. Next is the Avenue Charles de Gaulle -a few miles form here sits the 'Arc de Triomphe'-. To its right, the "Credit Lyonnais" tower and the "Scor Atlantique". The big blue and Gray building to the right is the 'Centre Commercial Les 4 Temps -with shops, movie theaters, restaurants, cafes, etc. If you keep dragging the panorama you will see the 'Grande Arche' again.

Let's take a look at a Miro sculpture in the 'Place de la Defense'.

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