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Welcome to the Netherlands!!!

Introduction: Netherlands is a Constitutional Monarchy in Western Europe. The country may be divided in four regions: West, South, North and East.

When to Go/Climate: Summer, July and specially August, are the best months to go. Winters are cold, summers mild, and Springs and Falls are usually cool and cloudy.

Get in: Schiphol (AMS) is the country's International Airport. Netherlands is well connected by train, bus and road to the neighboring countries, and from the UK, by ferry.

Get around: The best way of moving around is by car and by public buses. A good option is the bicycle.

Money and Costs: the local currency is the euro. aNetherlands is a rather expensive country, especially when it comes to food and accommodation.

Languages: Dutch is the official language. Most of the population are fluent in English (70%), German (60%) and French (20%)

People/Food: Local people are very easy going and open minded. Dutch food is rather basic, but you will also find many Indonesian, Surinamese, Chinese, Turkish and African restaurants.

Safety: The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in Europe.

Bellow you will find a list of tourist destinations in the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam Virtual Tour


With around 750,000 inhabitants, 600,000 bicycles (almost one per person!), 400 km of cycle paths, 6 windmills, 2,500 houseboats, some 200 coffee-shops, over 50 museums and more... Amsterdam is a world capital full of surprises.

Holland Virtual Tour


Holland, the western provinces of the Netherlands, is a flat country of cows in pastures with little houses and plenty of windmills.


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