26.- Kilkenny, sign for Kytelers Inn


The sign for Kytelers Inn.  This 14th century pub is the oldest in Kilkenny.  It is named after Alice Kyteler who, in 1324,  was accused of being a witch after the death of her fourth husband. The interior is exposed 14th century stonework and wooden beams and decorated with antique musical instruments.  Kytelers is a wonderful placed on a cold evening to sit by the peat fire, sip a pint of Smithwick's or Guinness, and enjoy a conversation with one of Kilkenny's friendly people.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour. I certainly enjoyed showing you around. I think I'll stay here for a while and finish my Guinness.  Can I get you a pint?

Well my friend this is it, this Photographic Tour came to its end. I hope you enjoyed it.

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