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24/50.- Barcelona, Barri Gòtic, Carrer del Bisbe

This is the "Carrer del Bisbe". At our back sits the "Plaça Sant Jaume", with the Barcelona Town Hall and "La Generalitat" (The Catalan Government). I think it's time to learn a little history of Barcelona:

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. Catalonia, a Nation in the north of Spain, has its own language, culture and history. The city was founded by the Romans, who named it Barcino. The Romans left their imprint here including their language, Latin. Catalan is a Romance language.

At the end of this street there's a big square: the Plaça de la Catedral, let's keep walking ...

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24/50.- Barcelona, Barri Gòtic, Carrer del Bisbe


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