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4/50.- Saigon, inside Ben Thanh Market

In this picture you can see one of the aisles inside the Ben Thanh Market. As you can see, this is the shoes section of the market.

When visiting a foreign country, one of the things I enjoy more visiting are the local markets. Vietnam was no exception. I really enjoyed the markets. You can learn a lot about local people: what they eat, what they wear. You can also see how people bargain, how they deal with each other. A real lesson about local customs. Of course I am not the only tourist that likes local markets. For this reason, some of the markets are overcrowded with tourists in lousy T-shirts.

Later we will visit another great Market in Saigon, The Binh Tay Market. The biggest in the South of Vietnam.

If you click on the picture you can virtually visit this market.

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Saigon, inside Ben Thanh Market
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