12/50.-Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh House


Ho Chi Minh was the founder and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Although he had the look of a very respectful humble man, he was a great leader. Uncle Ho perfected the art of guerilla and liberated his country form the French. He also defeated the Americans, and united his country. But the cost of this war was overwhelming; more than 3 million North and South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians died during the Vietnam-American War.

Uncle Ho was born in 1890 in Central Vietnam. In 1911 he went to France, and worked in a passenger liner. He later moved to Paris where he joined the Communist Party. In the following years he visited many countries as a covert agent for Moscow. In 1940 he entered his country and fought the Japanese and the French invaders. Soon later he founded the Viet Minh, the Vietnam Independence League. The rest is history.

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