4/44.- El Nido, getting in


The easiest, and most convenient way of getting to El Nido is by plane from Manila. Currently only one air company flies to El Nido, SEAIR. They fly only three times a week: Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Alternatively, you can also fly to Puerto Princesa (the capital town of Palawan), and take a mini van to El Nido. The van trip will take from six to eight hours, on a bumpy road. Vans depart first thing in the morning from the bus station in the outskirts of Puerto Princesa. Note that this is a rather tiring experience, so try to get a direct plane instead.

You can also get to El Nido by sea, but this is an even more tiring experience. Ships depart from Manila (24 hours trip) and from Puerto Princesa. Smaller boats may also take you from Sabang, San Vicente and Port Barton (Palawan's West coast) to El Nido.

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