5.- Fort Lauderdale, Map of Fort Lauderdale


It's easy to find the beach, but the rest of Fort Lauderdale needs a map to demonstrate. There is a major canal running west to east, bringing water from the Everglades to the ocean. A major highway, 595, runs next to the canal and you take this highway to get to the famous Sawgrass Mills Mall (big discounts in prices!). Fort Lauderdale is the largest city and the center of the County's government and there are 24 smaller cities around Broward County and two larger ones on the beach (Hollywood in the south, with its famous Broadwalk beach, and Pompano Beach, with its famous pier). The county is called Broward to remember Napoleon Broward, the guy who helped to drain the Everglades. North is Boca Raton (25 minutes) and West Palm Beach (60 minutes) and south is Miami (30 minutes). Key West and Orlando are both about 320 km from Ft. Lauderdale and a typical driver takes 3.5 to 4 hours to reach these destinations.

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