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1/25.- Welcome to Fez, Morocco!!!

Dear visitor welcome to the Fez pages on Fez is one of the most amazing cities I have ever visited. If you plan a trip to Morocco, this is one of the cities you should not miss.

Some of the things that make this city so special are the Mosques and the Medersas in the Medina, but what I liked most was seeing the artisans working in their workshops in the souk district. The labyrinthic streets inside the city walls are a show that never ends. The number of shops is overwhelming.

The whole Medina of Fez was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1981. Let's see why.

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Welcome to Fez, Morocco!!!


In case this is your first tour with me, let me introduce myself: my name is Enric, and my intention is to go to the most beautiful places on earth and put photos of them on this web site.

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